La Lampara Restaurant

The restaurant La Lamapara in Campiglia is a wide and open space, including a pleasant outside area shaded by a green pergola, where to admire the sea as far as the eye can see, where Mrs Maria, and his son Marco cook the ancient traditional recipes or new tasty fish dishes, daily fished, savoured with saffron (in Campiglia high quality saffron is being produced). It is possible to taste the famous bianco di Tramonti, vaguely saline coming from vineyards personally cared for by Marco, and if you are lucky enough, the more and more rare passito (rinforzato or sciacchetrà) whose intense amber color comes from the sun, whose rays ripen and wither the best grapes just after vintage.


eating time: afternoon 12-14, evening 19-22
closed from 10th Jannuary to 10th March, 2 weeks in October

( at the bar in restaurant it is possible to have a snake as well)

Ristorante La Lampara
via Tramonti,4 – Campiglia (La Spezia)
tel. +39 0187 758035

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