How to get there
  • AUTO
    From La Spezia – (exit highway A/12 and A/15 La Spezia – S. Stefano) follow indications to Portovenere.  After passing the crossroads  Riomaggiore/Cinque Terre on your right  follow Portovenere direction (on your left) and go on just to Acquasanta. There turn right into road towards Campiglia that it is at the end of the way after about 5km.

  • BUS
    From the train station of La Spezia:  once outside the station on the opposite side there is a bus stop – take number 20 to Campiglia. 
    From Portovenere take the bus to La Spezia then descent at Acquasanta. There catch number 20 to Campiglia.
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    From Portovenere it is possible to reach  Campiglia in h 1,5 (1 CAI).
    From Riomaggiore one can arrive following the ridge path (1 CAI) to Campiglia in h 2,30 orwalking on the hillside coast side of Riomaggiore  Montenero – Fossola – Schiara – Campiglia (4b CAI).

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