Discovering Tramonti di Campiglia
Typical Products
The "Rinfrosà" Wine

For centuries in Tramonti di Campiglia’s territory, as well as in Cinque Terre, the farmers have cultivated grapevine using every corner of the land utilizing terraces.
In the second half of 19th century the progressive abandon of traditional agricultural activities started. Today few farmers  still produce the precious local wine. A small quantity of precious sweet wine is still

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cultivated in vineyard terrace nearest the sea, where grows  the most precious grape’s quality. Locally this delicious wine is called “Renforsà” (term used by the farmers of Campiglia and Biassa which defined the delicious raisin wine; in the Cinque Terre “Sciacchetrà”).

The New Agricoltural Products

New species that have been introduced in order to re-utilise the abandoned terraces and have adapted well to environmental conditions.
Particularly the dry ground and the microclimate on the lower near the sea are ideal features  for those new species.


The “Pure Saffron of Campiglia” is produced by pistils taken from the saffron flowers (Crocus Sativus).
You need 150 flowers to produce a 1gr which is why is so expensive.
Fortunately  a little quantity of saffron is required to give taste and flavor at the dishes.


Jam and preserves are made with the fruits of prickly pears that ripen, during July and August, on the lower terraces below 200 m.
For this reason the  territory’s  recovery is dependant on the success of this product.


The third products “Aromatic Marine Salt” is made using aromatic herbs that grow naturally on the marine coast and combining marine salt and dry seaweed.
This product has optimal therapeutical properties because of small quantity of salt.


It is possible to buy the products in the square of Campiglia at the “Spaccio” or at the Locanda Tramonti. In addition one can taste local wine and special dishes cooked with this natural ingredients  at the Lampara Restaurant.




Campiglia constitutes an important crossroad of paths: path 1 CAI that connects Portovenere with Levanto (trek of 11 hours)  and the “Alta Via del Golfo” (AVG), the inland paths of the valley, which connect Portovenere to Montemarcello.   Campiglia also permits access to Portovenere (1 ½ hour trek) and the Cinque Terre by following the same path but on the other side; the first village,  Riomaggiore is less than two hours trek. 

The path network is completed longitudinally by two mule roads which descend from the ridge to the sea. They had the double function to connect the farmers of Campiglia to the land on Tramonti side and to connect them with the beaches of Persico and. On the opposite side towards the gulf the main connections are made of by the stone stairways that descend to Acquasanta from the antique road to Coregna. Circular itineraries are  possible as well  maintaining altitude with Campiglia as a starting point and arrival point.

Visiting Culvitations

During August/September, in the terraces near the sea, ripen: prickly pears used to produce jams  and stars traditional grape harvest
The saffron production is concentrated in the months of October and November, when the  Crocus Sativus are in flower. During those months it is possible to admire grounds and to participate at he saffron harvesting .


To organized guide Trekking contact:
cell: 335 6961145

Whale and Bird Watching

The windows and  balconies  of Locanda Tramonti, located at 400m on the ridge an looking at the Ligurian open sea,  is an ideal observation point.
The Ligurian coast is a particular important for migratory paths.
The basin Corso-Ligurian-Provenzale, which forms the International Cetacean’s Sanctuary of Ligurian Sea, shows the highest concentration of cetaceans in the Italian seas and most probably is the richest Mediterranean area for what concerns marine fauna. In addition, the basin is the main site for the nourishment of the finer whale.


On request  Locanda’s clients can borrow a professional telescope for the  activities of whale/bird watching

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